Generate More Online Reviews

7 Ways to Generate More Online Reviews For Your Business

Let me hit you with a couple hypothetical situations. First hypothetical situation: you have a new AC system installed in your home. The installers are phenomenal, the job is done quickly, and the system is up-and-running in record time. Second hypothetical: you get a new roof. The installers show up…
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Google Home Services

Google Home Services is Ramping Up: Here’s What to Know

In late 2016, Google began a crackdown on home services providers who were committing fraud. Locksmiths and plumbers were their primary target, with the emphasis placed on the former. Unsuspecting customers were duped into contacting fake locksmiths advertising on Google. Thinking they were getting a cheap service, the customers soon…
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Top Social Marketing Objectives

These Should Be Your Top Social Marketing Objectives

Devising an effective social marketing campaign starts with clearly identifying your marketing objectives. No matter how much you try to avoid it, this is a fact that is central to any social media strategy. A great social marketing campaign takes the steps to connect with the desired audience in a…
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Digital Marketing

A Quick Guide to Digital Marketing for Dummies

Do you feel like you have a firm grasp on digital marketing for your business? If the answer is no, you're not alone. With the rise of the internet, marketing possibilities for companies having been ever-expanding over the past few decades. And if you don't include these digital strategies in…
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Why Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

31 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Consultant

Online competition is more fierce than ever, and if you’re not doing digital marketing correctly, your competitors will! Digital marketing might seem like a pain but it doesn’t have to be complicated. A digital marketing consultant can help you realize your online goals effectively and cost-efficiently. It may be tempting…
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Useful Types of Digital Marketing

The Most Useful Types of Digital Marketing Available Today

We all know that digital marketing is important, but what does it mean and how should we use it? Digital marketing involves all marketing strategies and approaches that businesses use to reach their audience on digital platforms. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets--you name it! Did you know that 75% of consumers…
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Is The Way We Search the Web Generational

Is The Way We Search the Web Generational?

Here's a quick question for you: who's the Internet's target market? Easy, right? The Internet's for everyone. Before we go any further, let's take a moment to establish who that 'everyone' we're referring to is. For the sake of ease, we're going to break down our demographics into three generational…
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Influencer Marketing Guide for SEO

A Top Notch Influencer Marketing Guide for SEO

  Currently, one of the biggest trends in advertising is influencer marketing. Is this some passing craze? Unlikely. In a recent poll, 94% of companies that have tried it agree it's an effective strategy. What exactly is this type of marketing? How can it help to improve your SEO? And how…
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PR and SEO Providers

6 Ways PR and SEO Providers Can Get the Most Out of Working Together

PR and SEO are usually thought of as separate disciplines, but there are benefits when they merge. We've outlined 6 ways PR and SEO companies can work together. Once upon a time, PR and SEO were two completely different disciplines. They also offered different digital marketing features. This is no…
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Google search as your home page realty check

Google has Become Your Website!

Here’s something every business should be thinking about: Over 30% searches do not result in a click. People look up stuff and do not click on any of the suggestions Google gives them in these searches. Why should you be thinking about this? Well, why wouldn’t you be? One-third of…
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SEO Web Design Mistakes Google Will Slay You Over

17 SEO Web Design Mistakes Google Will Slay You Over

Want to drop your SERPs? Want to get zero social shares? Make these 17 SEO web design mistakes. You've heard SEO is important. Otherwise, you wouldn't be here investigating it in the first place. But just how important is it? What's the big deal with SEO? Well, Google accounts for over…
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SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Site

SEO Solutions for Your WordPress Site: A Quick Guide on Optimization

SEO is a system of strategies that improve the visibility of a website on search engines so that you get more traffic. You do this by optimizing your customer's experience on your website. Customer experience has always been the goal of search engines. They want people to use their search engine…
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SEO for HVAC Industry

5 Ways to Optimize an HVAC SEO Campaign

When was the last time you picked up the phone book to search for an HVAC business? Or any business, for that matter? Exactly. You haven't, and you don't. In this digital age, you go right to the internet to find a reputable contractor in your area. But, you're a…
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Moving Company SEO Tips

5 Ways to Optimize a Moving Company SEO Campaign

There's no better way to get more qualified leads than by optimizing your moving company's website SEO campaign. That, in turn, will increase relevant traffic to your site, resulting in high quality moving leads. It might seem unbelievable, but nearly half of small businesses still don't have a website. Maybe…
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How Facebook AI Can Affect Your SEO

How Facebook’s AI Can Affect Your SEO

The AI is getting smarter. This line is often spoken with dread in sci-fi novels, but for digital marketers of today, it's a cause for hope. While AI hasn't taken over the world yet, it is getting better at deducing the intent behind search queries. What this increased intelligence means for…
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Emoji Marketing Tips

7 Emoji Marketing Tips for Social Media

Love 'em or hate 'em, emojis are everywhere. Emojis - or, literally, "picture characters" - are small images used to express ideas or emotions in tweets, texts, Facebook posts and more. Worldwide, 92% of the online population, from millennials to baby boomers, are using emojis as a quicker, more convenient, and…
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Optimize Pay Per Call Campaign

Optimize Pay Per Call Campaign

What's the return on your online campaigns been like? Are you getting QUALITY leads? Are you getting a significant number of inquiries from your latest campaign? Or do you feel like, no matter what you do, you haven't been able to convert customers? There are so many ways to reach…
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Google Adwords Keyword Planner

How to Use Google AdWords Keyword Planner for SEO

Whether traffic is coming from AdWords or another source, it is important to analyze the way visitors are using your site. Once the source of your traffic is discovered, what path it takes, and how it interacts with your site, your campaign can be optimized and your conversions increased. For example,…
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Voice Search SEO

How Voice Search SEO Affects Your Rankings

Voice search SEO is the way of the future, and it certainly doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Voice search is only expected to increase in the coming years, and if your website isn't up to the task, you may find that your rankings drop. What's the difference between voice…
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Real Estate SEO Strategies

9 Real Estate SEO Tips to Generate Leads

These days, it seems like everyone's selling their home. "For Sale" signs are going up and coming down like they're on a trampoline. Zillow is constantly turning over listings. Realtors are as busy as ever, making phone calls, hosting walk-throughs, closing deals without stopping. It's no wonder that everyone is…
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