How Local SEO Link Building Can Help Your Brand

Nearly 50% of consumers use Google to find local information. In fact, 97% of all search engine users look online for local businesses. Meanwhile, about 30% of all Google mobile searches are related to location.

Over 70% of people who search for local businesses visit one within five miles of their location. Nearly 80% of these searches lead to a purchase.

With local search engine optimization (SEO), you can appear in front of these consumers online. You’ll need a local SEO link building strategy to rank higher than your competitors though. Otherwise, consumers might not find your website during a search.

What is local link building, and how can it help your business?

With the tips below, you can make the necessary improvements to your local SEO strategy. Then, you can expand your reach online and set your business up for lasting growth.

How Local SEO Link Building Can Help Your Brand


What is Local SEO Link Building?

First, let’s cover the basics. What exactly is local SEO?

Local SEO strategies can help businesses rank higher on search engines like Google. Higher rankings can help you generate more website traffic. It can also lead more shoppers to your store.

An effective local SEO strategy can help your business grow. You can generate more leads and sales to improve your ROI.

Consumers are already online, searching for businesses like yours. They simply need to know you exist.

As part of your local SEO strategy, you’ll need to generate backlinks.

Backlinks refer readers from one website to another. These links will help you generate more website traffic. As you generate traffic through other sites, Google will start to take notice.

According to Google, backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors you need for stronger SEO rankings. The more backlinks a page generates, the more organic traffic it can gain through Google.

Unfortunately, about 66% of pages don’t have backlinks.

What exactly is local SEO link building, then?

Developing a link building strategy will help you encourage other websites to link to your content. Link building with local SEO, however, focuses on links from businesses in a local region.

When developing an SEO link building strategy, there are two main goals to consider:

  • Gathering local links that send consumers to your content
  • Creating content that appeals to your local customers

Make sure you don’t get caught up in myths surrounding link building as you learn more about SEO linking.

There are many different tactics you can use as part of your SEO link building strategy. These tactics will help you build a presence online. Your website will start to appear for more local search terms.

Then, you can help more local consumers find your business with ease.

The Benefits of Local SEO Links

Now that we’ve covered the basics of local SEO link building, let’s discuss how it can help your business. Here are a few ways local SEO links can set your brand up for lasting success.

1. Improve SEO Rankings

You need high-quality backlinks to improve your rankings on Google. Compelling, unique blog posts can help you generate backlinks. In fact, companies that blog generate 97% more links to their website than others.

As you build links, your SEO rankings will improve.

Higher rankings will improve your brand visibility, ensuring more consumers find your business online. It can also help you:

  • Boost brand awareness and recognition
  • Position your brand as an authority in the industry
  • Prove your credibility as an expert
  • Gain more website traffic
  • Rank ahead of competing brands
  • Generate brand trust and loyalty
  • Demonstrate your experience and expertise
  • Generate leads, conversions, and sales
  • Improve your ROI

It’s also important to note that SEO is an organic search engine marketing strategy. With pay-per-click advertising, you have to pay for views or clicks. With SEO, you won’t pay a fee to improve your rankings.

Instead, you can start generating brand awareness and website traffic without blowing through your budget. You can set your ROI up for lasting growth as a result.

You can also improve your SEO rankings for a range of keywords. Appearing for different search queries can help you reach more customers. You can appear in front of local consumers who need your product or service.

There are a few different types of link building tactics you can use to improve your rankings.

For example, natural links are one of the most difficult types to generate. When a website decides to link to your content within a post, you’ve gained a natural link.

Built links, however, are earned. For example, you might work with PR specialists or journalists to gain built links.

You can also use created links, which you can make yourself. Created links are posted on forums, directories, or within press releases.

When generating these local backlinks, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. High-quality backlinks from websites with a strong domain authority will boost your domain authority. These links will help you improve your SEO rankings.

2. Reach More Locals

Local SEO links can also help you reach more local customers.

Consumers won’t choose your business if they don’t realize it exists in the first place. Improving your local SEO rankings can help you reach those customers. You can show them you have the experience, expertise, or offerings they’re searching for.

Consumers who are searching for your product or service online already have an initial interest in your offerings. You don’t have to convince them they need your product or service. In other words, you won’t have to waste time pushing them to make a purchase.

Instead, you can leverage their existing interest to generate more foot traffic, leads, or sales.

With traditional marketing strategies, however, you have to use intrusive techniques to attract customers.

Local SEO will help you appeal to a targeted audience that already wants what you’re offering. You could save time and money as a result.

Local SEO link building will help you focus on your local customers too. For example, you can create content specific to a region. You can also focus on ideas, concepts, or recent news that’s relevant to locals.

Appealing to a local audience will help you connect with your customers on an emotional level. You might have an easier time attracting them to your business as a result.

3. Establish Credibility

Consumers also want to find brands they can trust. If you can’t prove you’re a credible resource, they’ll turn to one of your competitors instead.

Link building will help improve your search engine rankings. Higher rankings will position your brand ahead of competing businesses. Consumers might have an easier time recognizing your credibility if you’re at the top of a page.

You can also use your SEO blog content to demonstrate your experience and expertise.

As part of your SEO link building strategy, consider guest blogging. Guest blogging allows you to post content on another brand’s website. Then, you can link to your own content within the post.

Appearing on other websites can also help you establish your credibility. Consumers will see that other local brands recognize and support your business. They might feel inclined to trust you as a result.

Establishing your credibility could help you generate more website traffic and leads in the future.

4. Generate More Traffic

Google looks for websites that are already generating website traffic when determining search engine rankings. If you’re not generating traffic, your rankings could drop. You’ll, also have a difficult time showcasing your products and services.

SEO linking can help you generate more website traffic.

Consider working with other local businesses. You can create reciprocal links as part of your SEO link building strategy. This tactic allows businesses to link to one another to generate backlinks.

Generating more backlinks will allow consumers to find your website through other websites. You can appear on sites they already visit and trust.

As you begin generating traffic through backlinks, Google will take notice. It might decide to boost your rankings as a result.

Remember, higher SEO rankings can help you generate even more traffic. If your site appears at the top of a search page, consumers will see your site first.

5. Boost Brand Awareness

About 59% of shoppers prefer choosing familiar brands. The more people recognize your brand, the more they’ll buy. Unfortunately, it can take over five impressions to begin building brand awareness.

Consumers need to continue seeing your brand before they can remember it by name.

Higher rankings will help you appear in front of more customers, allowing brand awareness to grow. You’ll have an easier time remaining top-of-mind as a result.

6. Connect With Businesses

Local SEO link building is also a great opportunity to connect with businesses in your local area.

You can work with one another to generate local backlinks. Chances are, your business partners need backlinks, too.

First, create a list of business partners and reach out. Choose companies that offer products and services you don’t offer. Then, offer them a chance to write a guest blog for your website.

You can also create a natural link for their website on your blog. The business might decide to return the favor by doing the same.

Connecting with local businesses could help you discover new opportunities. You could gain more referrals from other businesses in the area. Consumers might feel more inclined to trust your business if someone they already trust suggests your brand.

Either way, you can start generating more traffic to your store or website by building local partnerships.

7. Improve Bounce Rates

Google looks at your website analytics when determining your search engine rankings. During that search, it considers your dwell times and bounce rates. A high bounce rate indicates people are leaving your site without exploring your content.

Link building could help improve your bounce rates. As part of your link building strategy, don’t neglect internal and external links.

Internal links send readers to other pages across your website. You could boost their dwell times as a result. Meanwhile, consumers will get the chance to learn more about your business.

External links will send readers to other websites. You can link them to research, studies, and helpful blog posts. External links could boost your credibility.

Adding internal and external links could improve your bounce rates, helping your rankings improve.

8. Generate Quality Leads

Remember, you can use SEO to appear in front of consumers who already want your products and services. Focusing on your ideal customers will help you connect with your target audience. You can create content with their needs and interests in mind.

Local SEO will help you connect with local customers, as well. You can appeal to needs and interests that are relevant to your region.

Connecting with your target audience could help you generate high-quality leads and sales. You won’t have to waste time sifting through leads anymore. Instead, you can focus on converting more customers to improve your ROI.

9. Improve Your Reputation

As part of your local SEO strategy, take the time to generate customer reviews. You can start by optimizing your Google My Business listing. Then, encourage customers to post their reviews on your profile.

Happy customer reviews can help improve your brand’s reputation, which could lead to more sales.

It can also support your link building strategy. Consumers can post their reviews on other online forums and websites. If they add a link to your website, you’ve gained a backlink.

Shoppers can click on the link to visit your website and learn more about your business. You could generate more traffic, leads, and sales as a result. Meanwhile, reading positive reviews about your brand could encourage them to start shopping.

10. Remain Competitive

SEO link building can also help you compete with big corporations. Remember, businesses can’t pay to improve their rankings. They need to use the same tactics you’re using to rank at the top.

You can use that to your advantage by developing a strong SEO linking strategy. Ranking ahead of huge corporations can help you generate more sales.

Then, you can set your business up to grow ahead of the competition.

Local SEO Link Building: Your Guide to Higher Local Rankings

Don’t miss the chance to boost your business. Instead, consider developing a local SEO link building strategy. Once you build links to your site, you can get ahead of competitors and begin generating more traffic.

Experience these benefits of link building yourself this year.

Eager to get started? We can help.

Request your free digital marketing review today to begin.

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With diverse clients throughout the world, Jason's team is well connected within many industries to assist with your marketing strategies. With no long term contracts and various levels of service, Jason's team will increase the quality of your online traffic, leads, and sales.

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