WordPress SEO Tips

5 WordPress SEO Tips To Enhance Your Website

Why should you optimize SEO for your WordPress website? WordPress is one of the best content management systems for SEO. By optimizing your SEO, you can improve your rankings, gain more visitors and customers, and have a great website. These 5 WordPress SEO tips below are just the beginning of your…
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Google Ratings Can Affect Your SEO

How Google Ratings Can Affect Your SEO

Small businesses have always thrived and died by the word of mouth. Even before technology revolutionized the way we do things, a business performance would be adversely affected if too many people said bad things about it. Fast forward to today when customer's reviews are now digitized through online platforms. A…
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Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends that Will Boost Engagement

These days, serious social conversations rarely happen offline. Since the introduction of social networking platforms, social conversations have gone online. In the United States, internet users spend 20 percent of their web time on social media platforms such Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. As a business owner, this means you must…
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SEO Friendly Content

Why SEO Friendly Content Can Grow Your Business

Nobody likes advertising. Except when it comes to Super Bowl time. Then everybody loves ads. But most of the time, the people of the internet aren't paying attention to ads. And with the advent of the "Skip This Ad" button on platforms like YouTube, audiences no longer have to sit through ads…
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Google Penguin 4.0 and Backlinks

Google Penguin 4.0: The Truth About Backlinks

Google recently had its latest roll out - Google Penguin 4.0 is changing the game when it comes to backlinks and SEO. Here's everything you need to know. If you've been in the SEO business for a while, you'll know that Google is constantly tweaking their search engine algorithm. This…
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Google Possum Update

Local SEO Expert Weighs in on Google Possum

Have you heard? Google's set a possum free, and he's wreaking havoc on local search. As a local SEO expert, let's share what you need to know to stay on top. September 2016 was quite an interesting month for local SEOs. Many dread Google's algorithm updates, and like the others,…
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Advertising on Linkedin Are You Taking Advantage

Advertising on LinkedIn: Are You Taking Advantage?

Is your business advertising on LinkedIn? You should be - it's a great source for targeted outreach. We're sharing everything you need to know here. Advertising on LinkedIn is a powerful way to generate leads for your business. LinkedIn boasts 450 million users. Professionals of all industries, incomes, and experience levels…
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Organic Search 5 Hacks for More Click Throughs

Organic Search: 5 Hacks for More Click-Throughs

High SERPs and organic search can be everything for a business - especially when they earn you click-throughs. Here's how to get more people to click your link. If your business has been relying solely on paid ads to boost traffic to your website, you may be missing out on…
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SEO Tips for the Lazy Marketer

SEO Seminar for the Lazy Marketer: 5 Tips to Use Today

SEO is incredibly rewarding, but it's also complex. That's why we've put together this SEO seminar for the "lazy marketer" with 5 actionable tips to use today. "Work smarter, not harder." This advice should not be taken to mean that smart work is not also hard work. Here's another axiom…
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Twitter Business Strategy

The Twitter Strategy All Businesses Need to Know About

Politicians have built campaigns on Twitter. Are you using a Twitter strategy for your business? If not, fear not - here's the top strategy to know about. To build a successful business, all you need is customers, right? Not exactly. To really get your business off the ground and growing,…
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Inbound Marketing and Repurposing Content

Inbound Marketing and Why You Need to Repurpose Content

You'll be blown away by how much traction you can get for your business simply by repurposing content - it's an inbound marketing hack that works. Here's how. Do you struggle to come up with new content for your business's blog every week? Creating fresh content on a frequent basis…
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Customer Feedback and Reviews

Customer Feedback and Reviews: How You Can Get them

Your business needs customer feedback and reviews - are you getting enough? Studies show that 70% of customers will leave feedback - here's how to get it. Is your business actively seeking customer feedback and reviews? If not, it's time to pay close attention. Because in the ever competing online…
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Marketing for Holiday Shoppers

Holiday Shoppers: How to Get Your Business Ready

Are your digital marketing efforts prepped for holiday shoppers? Get ready. We're sharing everything you need to know to crush it this holiday season. Holiday shoppers are already revving up and business owners are trying to capture as many of them as possible as gift-givers, families, and friends hit the…
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Snapchat Marketing Strategy

6 Ways to Make a Snapchat Marketing Strategy Work

Look - all the cool kids are using Snapchat, and this includes marketers. If you're scratching your head about the right Snapchat marketing strategy, read on. Snapchat has been steadily growing the past few years. It currently has over 150 million daily users, surpassing Twitter to become the second most…
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