Use Snapchat for Business

How to Effectively Use Snapchat for Business

Even the savviest digital marketing professionals can learn a thing or 2 when it comes to using Snapchat for business. You may be a genius at Google Adwords and know the ins and outs of pay per call, but without a Snap strategy, you could be missing a huge target…
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Video Advertising

Everything You Need to Know About Video Advertising

Over half a billion people are watching videos on Facebook every single day. That's only one social network -- if you include YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, the numbers skyrocket. If you aren't using video advertising, you are missing out on an enormous, actively engaged audience. At the same time, if…
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Create and Grow a Healthy LinkedIn Group

How to Create and Grow a Healthy LinkedIn Group

Did you know that there are now more than half a billion users on LinkedIn? That's right - and there's a way to tap into this highly-engaged group of users to the benefit of your business. Wondering how? By creating industry-specific LinkedIn groups. Used correctly, LinkedIn groups can be a…
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Successfully Expand your Content Outreach

How to Successfully Expand Your Content Outreach

Did you know consumers are 60% more likely to seek out products after reading a brand's content? Studies also show that 91% of B2B companies are using content marketing as a means to find new customers. In line with statistics like these ones, it is hard to ignore the impact…
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How to Perform Content Analysis

How (and Why) to Perform a Content Analysis

Unlike other market research, content analysis is more qualitative and less quantitative. This means that marketers are hardly looking to quantify or measure specific patterns. Rather, they're looking to understand their consumers more thoroughly. They're investigating customer viewpoints of content that is already existing through their site. This is much…
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Mobile Marketing

10 Tips For Better Mobile Marketing Campaigns

If you want to expand your influence, increase your conversion rate, and grow your brand, you know that mobile marketing campaigns are an absolutely essential advertising strategy. But what separates a successful mobile marketing plan from an unsuccessful one? And how can you ensure that you create mobile marketing campaigns…
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Augmented Reality Marketing

A Closer Look At Augmented Reality Marketing

Imagine delivering a marketing strategy in real time. Customers and clients get to experience your product or service as it is meant to be used. Augmented Reality marketing (AR) takes the reins from virtual reality platforms to create a new interactive consumer experience. It is so popular right now its…
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Facebook Ad Targeting

Taking Offline Data Online With Facebook Ad Targeting

Imagine walking into a physical storefront and buying a scarf. Not too far-fetched, right? Now, imagine hopping online a few hours later, clicking on that familiar Facebook icon, and scrolling your News Feed. As you search, you find advertisements for, you guessed it, similar scarves. If that sounds like a…
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Google Algorithm Updates

Review of Past Major Google Algorithm Updates

When you begin using online marketing for your business, talk of Google algorithm updates becomes the norm. But why is it so important? In case you didn't know, there are a whopping 644 million websites and counting. And these websites are being indexed by search engines like Google, Yahoo and…
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Hawk Update for Google

All About the Hawk Update For Google

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches daily. That translates to a search volume of 40,000 queries per second on an average day. In an effort to continually create a better user experience, updates for Google occur regularly. Most are not on the grand scale of algorithms like Panda or Pigeon.…
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Product Descriptions that Sell

Recipe for Product Descriptions That Sell

For E-commerce sites, online shoppers can't physically access your products. So, they depend on your product descriptions to make their purchasing decisions. One thing you must note is there is a difference between writing a description about your product and writing one that sells. The aim of any E-commerce site…
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Reasons to Focus on Content Marketing

10 Reasons to Focus On Your Content Marketing Process

When it comes to your content marketing process, are you doing enough? It's more than just providing a blog post about why your business is awesome. It needs to deliver value. Value among content is vital for not only organic growth, but also for connecting with your customers. If what…
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Surveys Increase Lead Generation

Here’s How Surveys Can Increase B2B Lead Generation

What methods are you currently using for B2B lead generation? Attracting companies to your products and services can be done in a number of ways. But some methods will work better than others. How can you tell which strategies to continue using and which you should throw out? Analytics can…
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Creative Social Media Marketing

Creative Social Media Marketing Ideas to Drive Leads to Your E-Commerce Store

Marketing your business on social media has become so common that it's now somewhat of an expectation for most businesses. Consumers can almost count on finding out more about a business on Facebook, even if that business doesn't have a digital presence anywhere else. However, since social media has made such…
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Third Party Lead Generation

Here’s How Third-Party Lead Generation Services Work

If you own a home service company, should you rely on third-party sources for lead generation? Any business relies on sales, and sales rely on leads. There are many avenues you can take to receive leads. But should a home service company trust third-party lead sources? There are benefits with…
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Strategies for Business References

Get Backlinks: 5 Strategies to Get Other Organizations to Reference Your Business

Backlinks are crucial to building credibility online. It's estimated that over 20% of a site's weight in Google's search algorithm comes from links. But many businesses find that backlinks continue to elude them. It doesn't have to be hard to get backlinks. Below, we've pulled together five backlink strategies that…
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Social Media Marketing Strategies

12 Creative Social Media Marketing Strategies to Drive Leads to Your Local Business

Social media usage is on the rise. As of 2017, 81% of the population in the United States has a social media profile. You can't put it off any longer--you need a creative social media strategy to tap into this huge segment of potential customers. This guide will take you…
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Generate More Online Reviews

7 Ways to Generate More Online Reviews For Your Business

Let me hit you with a couple hypothetical situations. First hypothetical situation: you have a new AC system installed in your home. The installers are phenomenal, the job is done quickly, and the system is up-and-running in record time. Second hypothetical: you get a new roof. The installers show up…
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Google Home Services

Google Home Services is Ramping Up: Here’s What to Know

In late 2016, Google began a crackdown on home services providers who were committing fraud. Locksmiths and plumbers were their primary target, with the emphasis placed on the former. Unsuspecting customers were duped into contacting fake locksmiths advertising on Google. Thinking they were getting a cheap service, the customers soon…
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Top Social Marketing Objectives

These Should Be Your Top Social Marketing Objectives

Devising an effective social marketing campaign starts with clearly identifying your marketing objectives. No matter how much you try to avoid it, this is a fact that is central to any social media strategy. A great social marketing campaign takes the steps to connect with the desired audience in a…
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