How to Record Instagram Live and Make Videos That Convert

82% of consumers prefer live stream content to other social media content.

Initially, Facebook capitalized on the demand for this form of content, but now the majority of live videos are on Instagram. You need to understand how to record Instagram live videos.

However, what goes into making a live video on Instagram, and how do you ensure you produce the best content possible for your brand?

Here is about everything you need to know for recording Instagram live videos.

How to Record Instagram Live and Make Videos That Convert

What is Instagram Live and Why Do You Need It?

With the increasing number of consumers interested in live streaming, you need to understand essential platforms like Instagram Live. You want viral content. This means you need to understand the four significant benefits of using this channel.

Instagram Live is a social media channel with no options for retakes. That’s right; there’s no room for mistakes. Below are the payoffs of hosting next-level broadcasts on Instagram Live.


Your previous video marketing efforts might have gone unappreciated if you were not using the right platform. YouTube works best as a video archive to house your content and keep it accessible for consumers. If recorded videos aren’t bringing the visibility you want, consider going live.

Going live on Instagram notifies your followers with in-app push notifications. Your Live feed gets pushed to the front of your followers’ Instagram Stories feed. Features like this increase your visibility and drive engagement.


As an unedited stream, unlike Instagram Stories or IGTV videos, you can directly connect with your audience. That’s huge when you are trying to build relationships in an oversaturated market. It also shows the human element of your brand.


Connecting with your audience on a meaningful level means establishing relationships. Yes, you want brand loyalty, but you also want the information only deep connections bring.

Your most loyal customers can offer you the best support and feedback, making or breaking your business. Keep this in mind when considering the demographics of your target audience(s).

Brand Identity

Even if you have a strong following on social media and actively engage in real connection with your audience, brand identity can be misunderstood. It is a challenge for most consumers to put a “face” to a brand unless they have repeated positive interactions with members of said brand.

Your brand identity will stand out more clearly to consumers using a tool like Instagram Live. Make sure you know who the face of your business will be. A strong identity needs consistent people for consumers to recognize.

A Guide to How to Record Instagram Live Videos

Learning how to record Instagram Live videos is relatively simple. The challenge comes in consistently producing high-level live streams. Before we get into the steps and general tips of recording live videos, you need to know about the many types of videos you can broadcast.

Types of Instagram Live Videos

Selecting a type of Instagram Live video is important when planning how to record Instagram Live campaigns. Preparing content is key to structuring a live stream. You need to know the ins and outs of each format to determine what is best for your brand.


Question and answer videos can occur between one person and users in the comments. A Q&A live stream might occur alongside an event, with a guest speaker, or when seeking feedback. These are great pieces of interactive content that engage users directly.


If you’re launching a new product, tutorials are a great way to sell your inventory without overselling. If you have a product, consumers often ask lots of questions about; this is another format that directly engages users. Customers appreciate when a brand provides solutions via engagement marketing strategy.


If you aim to launch a new service or product, demonstrations are also helpful. You might not walk your audience through a process (like you would with a tutorial). Instead, simply showcase a new product in use, so customers witness it firsthand.

Behind the Scenes

Features like a behind the scenes format show off the personality of your brand. When building relationships with your audience, this is excellent organic content. Your consumers want an identity for your brand; this is how you give it to them.


Live streaming events are a must when you know how to record Instagram Live videos. Events can show your brand impacting people directly. They also generate interest by diversifying your content.

General Tips for an Instagram Live Video

These general tips for how to record Instagram Live will prepare you before you hit record. Now that you understand the different types of live stream video formats, you need guidance on what goes into preparation. This guidance includes outlining, promotion, and testing technology.

Define Your Purpose

This means you should prepare ahead of time! Stick to your brand’s identity. When you create live stream videos, you should not just press record without a plan. If you do not prepare your content, it will show.

Your social media strategy will help you determine what type of live video to record. It will also help if you establish SMART goals for your content. If you want to share something “different” with your audience, you need to be prepared. 

If you’re asking, “How long is Instagram Live?” you’re asking the right question for how to record Instagram Live videos. You have up to one hour of live streaming. If you do not have a clear purpose, you could quickly burn up this time.

Promote Before You Stream

Ask questions from your viewers in advance so you can fill out any video, especially if you’re aiming to fill up that one-hour time slot. Use a story, IGTV video, or post to announce or tease your upcoming live stream. Giving followers advance notice of your content will remind them to look out for it.

Followers are automatically sent push notifications when your account goes live. You will receive more organic engagement from Instagram. This makes it so that your content appears in the discovery section. Then, new users can follow your account.

Check Video and Sound

Before you hit record, you should adjust your settings. These settings determine who can see your stream, where it saves to, and how it can be shared. There are filters for offensive comments, but you can also include a manual screen for specific words or phrases you want to be blocked.

You cannottest a stream without going live. So, make sure to have everything secured and tested beforehand. Adjust your lighting and check your sound using a recorded video instead.

Incentivize Viewers

Going live when your audience is most active, using Instagram Insights, can encourage them to tune into your live videos. One way to incentivize your users is by offering a giveaway to those actively viewing your content. This will also generate hype and can be used to promote your live video in advance.

Create Interactive Content

Stay focused on your audience and what theywant to see or experience. The best way to do this is to be real. Live videos are not always about upselling products or services. Often, they are about showing the stories behind:

– The owner, founder, or leaders of the company

– The brand itself, and its day-to-day function

– The employees who make up the company

– The mission of the brand and what it offers

Encourage conversations with your audience by asking them questions. Invite them to comment, check-in, and even direct message for more detailed queries.

Steps for How to Record Instagram Live

You now know what Instagram Live is for, how to prepare for it, and the types of video formats available. However, what are the actual steps for how to record Instagram Live videos?

1. Select the camera icon in the top left of the Feed, or swipe right from the Feed.

2. Scroll down to the Live button at the bottom of the screen and hit the icon.

3. Your Instagram Live count is noted at the top of the screen. Comments are at the bottom.

4. If you want to comment, do so by touching the Comment button at the bottom of the screen. You can pin the comment, so your viewers see it more easily.

5. Once your video is concluded, select the End button in the top right and confirm. 

6. When finished, save your video by selecting the Save icon, marked by a downward pointing arrow and horizontal line. This goes to your camera roll, but you can also share it with IGTV.

These are your necessary steps for recording an Instagram Live video. Of course, there is more for you know whileyou record, but these basics should be enough to get you ready for managing a live video.

While You’re Live on Instagram: Managing the Video

Knowing how to record Instagram Live content means you know what to do while live streaming. Whoever hosts the video does not sit there, staring into a screen. Instead, using the tips below, you can make your videos even more engaging.

– Pin the video title. 

– You can also introduce branded elements for users to identify your brand more easily. 

– See who’s watching with the eye icon. 

– Remind viewers why they’re watching.

– Use the comment section (if you need it).

– Engage your audience by switching camera views.

– Encourage direct messages for more involved responses.

Now that you know the before and after for how to record Instagram Live, you need action items for afteryou finish streaming, beyond just saving the content to your camera roll.

After You’re Done Streaming

Managing your live video does not end once you hit save. Depending on your content strategy, you need to ensure the video is saved correctly or shared for replay opportunities. It’s also a good idea to follow up on a live stream with a few action items.

Replaying and Sharing

Save Instagram live videos immediately after recording them. After saving your live video, you can share a replay of it to IGTV for followers who may have missed it. All you have to do is select the Share to IGTV button after your live video ends.

When you replay a video on IGTV, none of the original likes or comments appear. The number of viewers will restart as well.

You can also download the video to your camera roll for sharing on other platforms. For example, if you plan on repurposing snippets of the live video for different channels, you can pull from this download. 

Analyzing Insights

If, for whatever reason, you missed the number of viewers while streaming, use the information provided through Instagram Insights. Taking a screenshot is an easy way to document your Instagram live count numbers. These metrics are essential for analyzing your followers’ interest in your live video.

Following Up

Follow up your live video with another post to your feed or story. This communicates with followers loyal to your brand that may have simply missed the video. 

If you had any followers direct message you in response to your video, answer their questions. Don’t leave your viewers hanging if they wanted to learn more about a product or your brand.

Recording Instagram Live Videos is Easier Than Ever

Now that you have completed this comprehensive guide on how to record Instagram live, you are well on your way to producing high-level broadcasts. It is time for you to get started on outlining your content for your first live stream video on Instagram.

If you need more information about going live on Instagram, consider Five Channels services. Our marketing specialists can help you plan for your live stream goals and more. Check out our website for your free digital marketing review.

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With diverse clients throughout the world, Jason's team is well connected within many industries to assist with your marketing strategies. With no long term contracts and various levels of service, Jason's team will increase the quality of your online traffic, leads, and sales.

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