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About 36% of small businesses are operating without websites. Which means they aren’t reaching the full audience that they could be, limiting their reach. Unfortunately, failing to complete regular website audits can also impact your reach. Completing a website audit will give you a chance to recognize room for improvement. By making regular website updates, you can […]

LinkedIn has over 660 million registered users as of this year, of which 303 million are active users. Small businesses like yours can use the benefits of LinkedIn to boost brand awareness. You can also increase your B2C and B2B connections. The best way to gain traction on social media platforms like LinkedIn is with a targeted […]

Digital ad spending continues to rise. The industry is now worth over $300 billion worldwide. Without question, the biggest platforms for digital advertising are Google and Facebook. Facebook is a top pick for many businesses. There’s a promise of reach, as Facebook has one of the most extensive user bases. The ads can also be quite cost-effective. […]

Google might be the biggest player when it comes to search engine marketing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore your other options. Microsoft Ads, formerly known as Bing Ads, controls around a third of the market. If you’re only using Google, you could be missing out on traffic and more. Microsoft recently introduced some new […]

Google has a hold on the search engine market, with 85% of all global searches run through it. With its search engine traffic, Google can track the latest trends in searches.  Using Google Trends data, you can boost your social media marketing to stay up to date on the latest searches of your target audience.  Learn about […]

Instagram is the hub for all things video and image related, but can Instagram improve marketing for small businesses, too? Based on our research, the answer is yes. Social media in general has opened up a whole new world of possibilities where marketing and business presence are concerned. The part that may surprise you, however, […]

There are over 2.05 billion people online shopping in 2020. Now more than ever having a strong SEO strategy is sink or swim for your business. While sometimes it seems like a crapshoot, there are multiple reasons that separate successful SEO from failures. If you want to understand the most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid […]

Growing your customer base and increasing traffic to your website requires a certain kind of competence in marketing.  Marketing is becoming more complex, but at the same time significantly simpler. With the rise of new technologies that can be used by any computer-savvy individual, marketing is seamless and fun. Here, we will cover one of […]

If you’re a creator, a brand, or anyone with a message, you can use YouTube to get eyes on your ideas.  After all, people watch one billion hours of video every day on this platform.   Are you currently using YouTube? If you’re not, you’re missing out. Find out the top YouTube tips on gaining more views for your account […]

With all of today’s modern tools and communication channels, running a successful marketing campaign can require more analytical skills than creative expertise.  Testing has become a way of life for marketers, but it can be tricky to get right. Wouldn’t it be great if brands could use a proven landing page tester and overall testing strategy […]