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You’ve put a lot of time into cultivating the right digital presence for your business. There’s been plenty of money put into your PPC budget, you dedicate a certain amount of hours to social media every week, and your website gets plenty of attention from the dev team. A lot of things need to come […]

Digital marketing relies on consistent effort, some money, and a lot of insights. In fact, big companies often spend between 5% and 10% of their revenue on market research. Well, you can benefit from the same insights without having to break the bank, and even get insights into your own performance in the market. Let’s […]

TikTok is one of the most popular and fastest-growing social media platforms out there. With the recently announced TikTok Shopify tab, it’s about to become even more powerful for businesses. You can’t have spent much time in the digital media marketing space without hearing about TikTok. It took the world by storm a few years ago after being […]

The Google algorithm is something that holds a lot of influence on the way we live our lives. As users, we depend on the algorithm to provide us with relevant information. Without it, we might not have any ability to navigate the web. As business owners, we seek to find our place in the Google […]

Google recently announced that it would no longer be using safe browsing status as a ranking category. They are making this change to more accurately measure the quality of web pages on Google search results pages and provide users with the most relevant content for their specific query. This is great news, but it doesn’t […]

We’ve all imagined that moment when customers come rushing through our (virtual) door to snap up that Black Friday deal we conjured up during a marketing brainstorming session. While Black Friday might tempt you as the perfect opportunity to boost sales, even the best offer can fall flat if you don’t get your promotion spot […]

In a recent review, 41% of businesses said they felt link-building was the most challenging SEO technique for their brand to master. If you’re struggling with your own link-building efforts, you’re in good company. However, this process doesn’t have to be nearly as challenging as it comes across. You see, the reason why so many […]

According to Business of Apps, Instagram had an estimated 1.16 billion users in the third quarter of 2020. This is up from 1000 million users in June 2018, 500 million in June 2016, and 130 million in June 2013. These numbers demonstrate just how exponentially Instagram has grown throughout the years. It also shows why, […]

One of the trickiest things about search engine optimization is the fact that all of your hard work can be washed away with the sweep of a change to an algorithm. Changes don’t tend to dishevel all of your rankings, but they could bump you down a couple of notches. When you’re at the top, […]

Google released its new product review algorithm update on April 11th, 2021. Google specifically targeted this algorithm update toward product review websites and blogs. The update not only tells us what kind of things Google isn’t looking for in these websites. It also tells us what kinds of things Google is looking for. In other […]