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Did you know that a customer comes across an average of 5,000 marketing messages every given day? On top of that, studies have shown that of all those messages, the customer may remember four of the companies they saw. In the overwhelming cacophony, your brand needs to find ways to differentiate itself from the competition. One means […]

How do you know whether your business is growing or on a downward trend? You have to look at the numbers. You have to measure your data. Most importantly, you have to use data that matters. If you don’t, you’ll feel uncertain of what you’re doing right or if customers are satisfied with the service you […]

Keeping your brand consistent throughout your many marketing channels can increase revenue by up to 23%. An inconsistent brand, on the other hand, could cause you to lose customers. In order to keep your brand consistent, you need to start with a thorough marketing plan. Ready to learn how to plan and execute an effective brand marketing campaign this […]

Since its debut in 2011, Snapchat has had many ups and downs, but within the past year, it recently gained an additional 7 million users. TikTok is another social media app that has been on the rise lately, but do you know what the key marketing differences are?  Currently, social media is the number one place […]

Every day, there are millions of users on Snapchat, and on average, each user opens Snapchat 30 times per day.  They’re photographing, video chatting, messaging, and tapping to watch their friends and favorite influencer’s stories.  Your advertisement or content has the potential to be seen by these 218 million people as they move from story to story.  […]

Are you convinced your marketing strategy is the one to bet on? More than 50% of marketers agree that inbound marketing gives them more return on investment (ROI) than outbound marketing. Yet, 60% of polled respondents indicate that billboards (a mainstay of outbound marketing) are an excellent way for them to learn about brands. Such statistics have led to […]

Coming up with fresh new content marketing ideas can become exhausting. Today, marketers rely on online content marketing. Content marketing is about creating distinctive content to attract viewers and customers. Without it, boosting your brand awareness and attracting customers is nearly impossible. However, every content creator faces one dilemma…running out of fresh ideas. While frustrating, […]

Are you pouring sweat blood and tears into content marketing? Well, 70% of marketers are in the same race as you. With the internet becoming the new hunting ground for customers, businesses are investing significantly in digital marketing. That’s because 67% of all search engine clicks go to the first five organic results. As part of your search engine […]

60% of consumers say email marketing influences their purchasing decisions. Without a plan to grow your email list, however, you’re missing out on a chance to reach those customers. By creating a strong list of email subscribers, you can improve engagement and boost sales. Ready to learn how to grow your email list? With these ten simple steps, […]

Over 1.5 billion websites exist online. Without search engine optimization (SEO), however, you’ll struggle to rank above your competitors. If you’re not on the first page of a Google search, how will your customers find you online? To stand out from the competition, you need a thorough SEO strategy. Utilizing your white hat SEO skills can help […]