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According to Business of Apps, Instagram had an estimated 1.16 billion users in the third quarter of 2020. This is up from 1000 million users in June 2018, 500 million in June 2016, and 130 million in June 2013. These numbers demonstrate just how exponentially Instagram has grown throughout the years. It also shows why, […]

One of the trickiest things about search engine optimization is the fact that all of your hard work can be washed away with the sweep of a change to an algorithm. Changes don’t tend to dishevel all of your rankings, but they could bump you down a couple of notches. When you’re at the top, […]

Google released its new product review algorithm update on April 11th, 2021. Google specifically targeted this algorithm update toward product review websites and blogs. The update not only tells us what kind of things Google isn’t looking for in these websites. It also tells us what kinds of things Google is looking for. In other […]

Websites with an active blog are 434% more likely to be found on Google. This is because these companies have more indexed pages that are ready and waiting to be found. With stats like this, it’s easy for businesses to jump on board and decide to launch their content marketing journey. The problem is that […]

Did you know that green represents health and stress relief? What about the fact that yellow is the first color that infants see because it’s the easiest color for their eyes to detect? Have you heard that purple invokes mystery and innovation? If it’s your first time hearing about these rules of color psychology. You’re […]

Google updates are a big deal in the SEO world, right? Google has announced that they are rolling out an update in June/July 2021 that will change how users interact with search results pages. We’ve gathered the information about what you can expect leading up to the update. The changes that will go into effect […]

The past year has seen a host of new search trends online, with Google citing Coronavirus as the most searched term. The search engine continues to dominate with a 92% share of the global market. Mobile use increased from the previous year and organic search is more important than ever. So, what new changes will come to Google […]

One of the fiercest fights in modern retail is for grocery shelf space. Almost no tactics are out of bounds, because companies know where a product is placed has a massive effect on its sales. Your favorite cereal might depend on what shelf you found it on. These are the insights from consumer psychology. Food manufactures […]

Did you know that, if a website links back to your website, this demonstrates to Google’s search algorithms that the content you have on your website is valuable? As a result, when customers look up products or services related to your company, your website will show up sooner in Google search results. In order to […]

Around 90 percent of marketers found content marketing to be effective in their companies. It highlights the value of not only content marketing but having a marketing plan that creates quality content. Creating quality content is all a part of marketing ops, which stands for marketing operations. Marketing operations is a significant part of implementing strategy into […]