What Digital Marketing Resources and Tools Should I Be Using?

American consumers spent a whopping $517.36 billion in online shopping in 2018. With more than 174 million online shoppers, the annual online sales will be on an upwards spiral over the next five years. Globally, the total online shopping market will grow to up to $4 trillion this year.

If these statistics don’t ring a bell yet, then you need to grab a seat and follow carefully. The next frontier in your business’s survival moving forward will depend on your ability to utilize digital marketing resources. The global retail market has gone digital. Consequently, the only way to survive is to digitize your marketing strategy.

Your digital marketing strategy can no longer be wishy-washy. This is especially with the billions of potential online shoppers today. Here are some of the critical digital marketing resources to consider as your business moves into the future.

What Digital Marketing Resources and Tools Should I Be Using

Google Analytics

Anyone in the digital marketing space needs to have Google analytics as part of their marketing tools. Google analytics offers tons of insights on your customers’ trends as they engage with your website. Establishing such patterns is critical for any business that’s keen to understand the visitors visiting the page.

Google analytics offers critical support in the tracking of operations for all your website’s visitors. As you develop your strategy, Google Analytics is among the digital marketing resources you can’t ignore.


Your business’ digital marketing endeavor stands a higher chance of success with HubSpot. This software and services option offers social media marketing insights.

You’ll get better content and landing page management with HubSpot. Your business also gets to benefit from professional search engine optimization.

Whether you are a budding agency or a small business, HubSpot has the answers on how to harness the benefits of digital marketing. You can host your sales and marketing content on HubSpot as you learn the ropes on digital marketing.

HubSpot has become a critical tool when it comes to email marketing and blogging. Most companies use HubSpot to view crucial key performance indicators on their CMS and CRM.

Are you looking for a certification course in digital marketing? HubSpot also offers an option that helps you keep up with the changes in the digital marketing context.

HubSpot has a free trial and an academy. These are useful as you develop an understanding of digital marketing for business.


Are you looking for an enterprise-level digital marketing resource? Then Hootsuite has the solution to your needs. This management tool is especially critical in the management of social media content.

There will be more than 3.95 billion social media users by the year 2023. Businesses that are keen on harnessing the influence of social media need to consider the benefits of Hootsuite. This is because Hootsuite is a reliable tool in the calculation of conversion rates.

You can also use the Hootsuite resource tool to test your ROI while tracking your brand’s conversion rates. With Hootsuite, it’s now possible to keep track of all your social media platforms while pushing your sales.

Hootsuite offers a limited free subscription for the first 30-days. It can be a good opportunity to try out the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategy.


Content is king. While this statement sounds like cliché by now, it reflects the actual context of content marketing. Do you intend to attract readability and to convert leads over time? Then you need to focus on the reliability of your content marketing approach.

Ensuring that the content you put out there’s responsive to the trends in the online market is fundamental. However, being able to keep up with such trends can be challenging at times. So how do you ensure that your content covers the most popular topics?

Buzzsumo is your answer if you want to keep track of popular content online. This digital marketing software is a tool that can scan various social media sites while tracking popular content. With this tool, it’s possible to assess what customers are saying and to record their concerns.

Buzzsumo monitors all the social media sites on your behalf. The resource then offers you final reports on the analysis of what’s trending. You can now use this tool to assess topics that are trending then use such knowledge to create appealing content.


Digital marketing is a robust undertaking, which requires concerted efforts. You need a team of equally committed players if you are going to accomplish as much with your digital marketing process. However, often the more significant concern is where to get software that allows for an all-in-one workspace.

Are you looking to integrate a few of your teammates into the digital marketing management project? If you lack a platform that can incorporate an all-in-one workplace, then Notion is your answer. Notion helps you manage notes, oversea projects, and create tasks that can ensure that everyone is abreast of the process.

Notion presents a critical advantage to your company. The platform gives you the option of using digital docs to create essential notes related to digital marketing. You can also get the chance to have a knowledge base for your analysis without the need to incorporate too many tools as you achieve one single end.

Notion is a tool that can help everyone stay on the same page. Your digital marketing campaign is no longer prone to mishaps and misunderstandings.


Modern marketing is incomplete without automation. Marketing automation refers to application software that support the marketing departments. Automation enables your marketing team to use multiple marketing channels. Such channels may include email, social media, and website mediums.

Many organizations lack the appropriate tools for marketing automation, but with Zapier, marketing automation is no longer a concern.

Zapier is the best option when it comes to marketing automation. This option is easy to use mainly because it does not require coding. Unlike most of the tools that may need tutorials or even an online academy, Zapier is user-friendly. With Zapier, your team no longer has to go on and on with repetitive tasks.

One of the critical advantages of Zapier is the ability to foster integration. Currently, Zapier links to more than 1500 other apps, which makes your marketing process less strenuous as you maneuver your way around various digital marketing resources.


Eight out of 10 Americans perform some form of online search before making a large purchase. Such trends serve as a reminder of how powerful the internet is in the modern business context. Search engine optimization is at the center of the changing role of digital marketing in the contemporary business context. 

As a business, you need a digital marketing tool that can respond to the SEO needs in an evolving online market. Ahrefs is a perfect SEO tool for any business that is keen on growth. With Ahrefs, it is easy to track keywords and monitor organic search traffic.

Your digital marketing campaign may also need to keep a constant check on backlinks. All these functions are essential. This is so even as you try to assess your market position status vis-à-vis the underlying competition. 

Have you been looking for an SEO tool with multiple features that can support your digital marketing goals? Then Ahrefs got you. There’s no other option that offers you multi-language keyword rank tracking better than Ahrefs.

With Ahrefs, you also get the chance to undertake positioning tracking for your goods within the specific market. Finally, with Ahrefs, your digital marketing team will have an adjustable reporting frequency.


With the demand for progressive digital marketing strategies, there’s been a growing need to emphasize innovative digital marketing resources. ManyChat offers this exact solution. Your digital marketing team is robust. As such, communication may often be a challenge.

With such challenges, you need a digital marketing tool that incorporates drag-n-drop features to support the digital marketing campaign. You need to keep up with the conversation with customers on a wide array of issues affecting the marketing process.

ManyChat ensures that the process of lead conversion happens in one simple interface. Once you can keep up the conversation between your team and the customers throughout the purchasing journey, you’ll drive down the overall costs remarkably.

ManyChat offers you unlimited subscriptions. It makes it possible to keep up communication with multiple clients. Imagine a tool that also allows you to tag-segment your audience based on their actions. ManyChat has a tag-segment, which makes tracking your clients’ activities online possible.

For most businesses seeking a digital marketing resource, the price is often a factor. However, with ManyChat, you have the benefit of rich media engagement at relatively low costs. 


The ultimate goal when undertaking digital marketing is to build reliable sales funnels for your business. However, it’s not always easy to build stable sales funnels without the right digital marketing resources. This is why Clickfunnels is an essential digital tool for any business.

Clickfunnels offer companies reliable funnel options. These funnels provide support for building a formidable marketing campaign.

If your target customers tried to manage funnels in any other way, it would be a recipe for chaos. With Clickfunnels on the other hand, your digital marketing process packages some great tools together to offer the best outcomes.

Clickfunnels is among the leading ways of offering high conversion funnels for your business. Clickfunnels offer dashboard support that can help you manage your business’ KPIs. With such levels of support, it’s possible to keep track of the progress of your marketing initiative.

You also get to benefit from real-time campaign analysis with Clickfunnels. Such an analysis makes evaluation and monitoring easy. One of the significant benefits that Clickfunnels offer is the aspect of communication management.

Keeping digital marketing campaigns going requires a complex communication process. Clickfunnels are the best solution in such instances. 

Most marketing campaigns rely on feedback as a critical part of the process of converting leads. With Clickfunnels, you can benefit from CRM and email auto-responder.

Sprout Social

You might be wondering how to keep track of the effectiveness of your social media campaign. Developing evaluation benchmarks is critical once your social media strategy is in place. This is primarily because social media will be the next big frontier for digital marketing in the future with billions of active users.

Most times, the conversion of leads into sales takes longer. As such, most businesses rarely get the chance to have a realistic assessment of the effectiveness of their social media marketing undertaking. 

The gap in evaluation metrics when considering social media campaigns has, over time, led to innovations. Sprout social is among the powerful tools that are bridging this gap.

This tool helps you manage social media marketing with better effectiveness. This is due to the effective measurement systems inherent. 

As an all-in-one management tool, Sprout Social enables you to streamline your social media campaigns. This ensures that you can enforce improvements where needed.

Your company needs to undertake constant analysis of link performance in the course of doing digital marketing. With Sprout Social, you can conduct link performance analysis.

With Sprout Social, you can also keep up with audience engagement with ease. This helps in the discovery of customer interest. Sprout Social also offers you the benefit of integrated publishing tools that can help you advance customer support.

Brand competition is an essential feature in the evaluation of your social media campaign. You need to be sure that your social media campaigns are a step ahead of your rivals. With social media platforms such as Instagram experiencing more than 700% leap in usage, the future is bright. 

Through sprout social, you can keep up with the brand and competition monitoring process.

Utilize These Digital Marketing Resources Now

Have you integrated your digital marketing strategy into the business model? If you haven’t yet, then the future could be bleak.

You need to pay attention to the changing trends in online shopping. This is because such patterns are critical indicators of the shifting approach to lead generation. With these vital digital marketing resources, your online campaign is bound to reap benefits. Are you looking for specialists in digital marketing with high conversion rates? Visit our page for the best services.

Owner and Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Hall, and his team specialize in creating brand awareness / traffic and lead generation / marketing funnel and conversion optimization, while utilizing the appropriate marketing channels available within your industry. With diverse clients throughout the world, Jason's team is well connected within many industries to assist with your marketing strategies. With no long term contracts and various levels of service, Jason's team will increase the quality of your online traffic, leads, and sales.

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Located in the heart of the Emerald Coast - Destin, FL, founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Jason Hall, and his team specialize in creating brand awareness / traffic and lead generation / marketing funnel and conversion optimization / and PR campaigns, while utilizing the appropriate marketing channels available within your industry.

With diverse clients throughout the world, Jason's team is well connected within many industries to assist with your marketing strategies. With no long term contracts and various levels of service, Jason's team will increase the quality of your online traffic, leads, and sales.

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